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Revitalising Vegan, Organic and Always Cruelty-Free Skincare!

With Caribbean roots and a quintessentially British attitude, our products help you embody our brand. Peace, Love and Positive Vibes. Our eco-friendly, vegan, and cruelty-free skincare products will leave your skin feeling nourished and revitalised. Just like the vibrant atmosphere of the islands, we want to help you feel that way when using our skincare. From the fresh, nourished feeling the sea air brings when walking along the beach to the vibrancy of the music that fills the island, our cultural skincare will accommodate all.

We pride ourselves, as a black-owned business, in offering skincare products perfect for all skin types. See our Organic, Radiance mask enriched with hibiscus flower extract that supports your body’s natural collagen production.

Our vegan, cruelty-free skincare products will help revitalise, rejuvenate, and keep your summer glow all year long.

All our skincare products are created in small batches in the UK and Ireland by cruelty-free and zero-waste beauty companies using natural ingredients.

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  • Organic Radiance Boosting Face Mask
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