About Us

The official beauty brand for all things Caribbean.

Outstanding Cultural Beauty

We offer products that reflect all things beautifully Caribbean. From the vibrant music and festivals to the colourful unmatched energy of the people and culture, all wrapped up in our unique designs. We are a diverse beauty brand with products inspired by “Caribbean flavour”. Our products offer inclusivity for all skin tones, ethnicity and gender as the Caribbean is one of the most diverse places on earth. The designs and themes of our products all portray a relatable aspect of at least one of the Caribbean islands.  

Inclusivity Matters, Culture Matters

Makeup is an avenue used to express one's selves. Island Play Cosmetics recognises the importance of representation and the role it plays in society and the beauty industry. We are a brand created to inspire while indulging in Caribbean culture. For persons who believe they are their own inspiration. There is a huge cosmetic market globally and what is missing is the essential “Cultural flavour”.

It's common that people want to identify with products that give them a sense of belonging. Inclusivity matters and culture matters; our brand is a way of filling that gap.

Always Vegan, Always Cruelty-Free

Going steps further to inclusivity, we ensure that our products are always vegan, always cruelty-free and our skincare range always natural and organic. We also use as many recyclable materials as we can, doing our part in the movement of planet preservation.

The Island Play Vision

Island Play Cosmetics will revolutionise the beauty industry through Caribbean cultural awareness.

The Island Play Mission

To provide culturally inspired and accessible beauty products globally, to help build a sense of self-confidence, self-inclusion and self-awareness.